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Unless otherwise noted, the following articles come from the Requisite Readings weblog, where I’ve been writing about the biggest Secret Rule of all, The Law of the Real Boss, since 2003. These are a good way to get started. The other articles are ones that I found helpful in understanding the Secret Rules.
First in a series of articles that describes a real career situation and how what three guys from a factory came up with fifty years ago is the key to Secret Rule #1.
High potentials often struggle with problems that others don’t. Understanding how some things about sizes of thinking, what others have called the “Ex-Gifted Child”, helps make psychotherapies more effective for you.
Working at a job that is not a natural fit for you, the right size for you, can actually make you sick both physically and mentally.
Look for natural fit, which means having Flow at work.
You can never succeed when you doing something that is unnatural for you. That’s what all of this is about.
High potentials go through more mental transitions than others do because they are on a steeper growth track. Plus, they tend to get to these states earlier than everyone else, which means that their peers don’t go through the same thing and their teachers and managers may not recognize that it is happening so early in the high potential’s life.
Finally, the answer to the question that everyone asks me.
When you are a hidden high potential, people turn to you in crises even though you are low on the totem pole.
You can’t change what motivates you. But you can change how you view the problem.
By Andrew Olivier, a colleague in Tasmania. Andrew shows how working at a job that is too small or big for you not only leaves you out of Flow but also puts you at risk for real damage.
By Michelle Malay Carter of PeopleFit. The classic article about what a hidden high potential's life is like.
By Andrew Olivier. An article describing potential and work size, including a look at Yunna.
Video of presentation by Michael Raynor, author of The Strategy Paradox. Look under "videos". The ideas behind the Secret Rules are about managing uncertainty. High potentials can manage more uncertainty than their peers.
By Mark Van Clieaf of MVC International. Mark has shown how many CEOs are vastly overpaid because we don't use the knowledge that CEO jobs come in different sizes and do different levels of work.
By Art Kleiner in s+b. Describes the controversial findings and person of Elliott Jaques.
From Business Standard, 2001. How Tata Sons in India is restructuring using the ideas of work levels (Law of the Real Boss).
From Business World, 2002. Update on how Tata Sons in India is restructuring using the ideas of work levels (Law of the Real Boss).
The GO Society has books, articles and videos online related to the ideas behind the Secret Rules.