Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

How will you work with me?

On this page I'll tell you the kind of results my clients have reported
and I'll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach to working with you and how I'm different than most career companies.

My language of achievement is that of Educator and Mentor. I know that you will discover more when I operate in ways that are natural for us both, so I work by showing you truths about who you are and how succeeding at jobs works for people like you. Each Hidden High Potential I work with is different, with a unique set of experiences and circumstances. I work within the dynamics of the Secret Rules of Career Success to show you where you can succeed.

Results I Deliver

I bring hope to those Hidden High Potentials who feel captive to jobs that don't fit, that feel unnatural, that drain rather than provide Flow.

You will learn how to know what opportunities are pathways to failure and which can lead to success. You will be able to evaluate work opportunities more intelligently. Nothing can guarantee success but the Secret Rules of Career Success will give you the knowledge and insight you need to turn away from opportunities that will have no chance of succeeding.

You learn that what you already know in your heart is really true. The Secret Rules are revolutionary. But their power is that they restore to you your own power of judgment.

My Guiding Values

We are made to create, so work should be joyful. Don't get me wrong: work is hard and you can only succeed when you are willing to do the hard effort success requires. But unless there is a very abnormal crisis (such as an ongoing local war), it's not supposed to drain you or make you feel worse than when you went in that morning.

All work deserves dignity and respect. When you understand the Secret Rules, you understand that all work should be dignified. Just because you think that a job is beneath you doesn't mean that you should look down on those who like the work.

Work that is not natural to you can cause crippling psychological illnesses. You may not believe it, but work that doesn't fit who you are can make you sick.

To start doing what is natural, you must be willing to abandon your years of doing what isn't. You can't find success until you stop doing things that you have little hope succeeding at.

Feeling lost and adrift is a normal part of growing. You don't stop growing mentally, emotionally or spiritually just because you have reached your physical maturity. Most of us continue to grow throughout our lives. There are normal, predictable times when you feel like the floor has been pulled out from under you.

There is no replacement for hard work. The Secret Rules show you where hard work can pay off so you don't spend your time doing something that will almost surely fail.

What It's Like To Work With Me

Working with me will challenge you. You need to be ready to work, to change, to turn to things that feel natural and good for you, and to turn from things that feel unnatural, even when you believe that others expect it.

The rules for Hidden High Potentials are often contradictory to "common sense": what would be incredibly risky for others is the safest place for you, and what is safe for other people is a storm of risk.

You are always in command of our relationship. I work as your advisor and mentor but never as your "boss". You choose what to take from what I give you. I will never dictate what you should do, only try to show you how the Secret Rules apply in these choices.

You may discover that some of your "weirdness" is a natural reaction that lots of Hidden High Potentials have. Having great potential not only means that your brain is wired differently but experiences affect you differently.

The Secret Rules will change how you understand yourself and your history. They reframe your life and your work. It's like taking off a pair of blinders and finally seeing the full picture.

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