What services do you offer for Hidden High Potentials?

Everything I do is geared to showing you the truth about your situation, truth that will reframe how you see it. Whether it's one-on-one, in a large group, or through recorded media, it's all about showing you how to find work that fits naturally.

I created these services exclusively for hidden high potentials. These Secret Rules of Career Success aren't as useful if you are one of the vast majority for whom most business books are written.

Career Coaching for Hidden High Potentials

I work with Hidden High Potentials in a one-on-one "coaching" environment to help them understand the various rules that apply to their work lives. This includes advising on work decisions such as job changes, business startups and coping with unnatural work environments. Learn how the Secret Rules play out in your life and start living naturally.

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Webinars & Teleclasses

Learn about the Secret Rules from the comfort of your office or home through my teleclasses and web-based seminars. These accessibly-priced classes are offered at a variety of times so that no matter where in the world you are, you can find a time to attend.

If you can't make the scheduled time for a webinar, many of them are scheduled for archiving in streaming video formats.

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Onsite Seminars & Training

Let me bring the Secret Rules of Career Success programs directly to your organization. These customized training solutions address the work done in your firm and its existing corporate culture. If you have more than a couple of people from your organization wanting to come to a class, you may find it cost-effective to bring me to your facility.

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Consulting to Organizations

Many businesses and managers who learn the Secret Rules of Career Success feel that their corporations can benefit from them. Organizing in a natural way according to the Secret Rules can increase productivity and adaptiveness of the company. To meet this need, I provide consulting to businesses on issues of organization design, training and team building. My extensive network of consultants around the world can bring additional talent and expertise to your company's problems.

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Human Patterns® profiling

The Human Patterns® psychometric instrument shows your own personal preferences for working and relating. It reveals how you work in relaxed states, and how you change when you are under stress. A complete instrument with over 200 questions, Human Patterns is an online questionaire that you complete at your home or office. I then unpack the results over a period of three or four 50-minute sessions. An amazing tool for understanding yourself.

I use this as a part of my coaching process, where appropriate, but several people have asked if I offered it separately

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Secret Rules for Managing High Potentials

Mining your company for Hidden High Potentials can pay off richly, especially in economic downturns. Because they know your corporate culture and are working far below their abilities, hidden high potentials can quickly rise to providing great results more quickly and for less money. I bring my network of associated experts from across four continents to help you create a robust organization and find your Hidden High Potential Gold.

For more information, contact me at +1 (219) 381-4025 or via the contact form.

Free newsletter

I offer a free periodical newsletter that covers a topic in a way I don't do anywhere else. Each issue is provided via email and includes a link to a podcast version, just for subscribers. So whether you like to read or listen, the Secret Rules of Career Success newsletter has you covered.

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