I work with the less than 1% of the population for whom the normal rules don't work. I call them Hidden High Potentials because they have the capacity to achieve greater things yet are unseen by those in power. They are getting stuck because they have followed rules, good for the vast majority of workers, but that don't work for them.

“I'm a happier man than I was a few years ago and a large part is due to conversations with you... The rosetta stone to give me a translation to what paths I need to pursue came from talking to you.”

– Russell Mann, owner of Premier Hosting and Cork Joy

The people I help are intelligent, competent people across several industries and nations who:

  • Aren't recognized for the amount of work that they are actually doing
  • Care passionately about work and find that this gets them into trouble
  • Overachieve in their current jobs, outperforming everyone else
  • Used to be an overachiever and now can't seem to succeed
  • Keep getting the bewildering "you need an attitude adjustment" talks from their bosses
I give Hidden High Potentials hope by teaching them the rules that success demands for them. It seems like “secret knowledge” because almost no one talks about these things clearly, except to large corporations who pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars. I decided to bring these secrets to you. Read more about who Forrest Christian can help with the Secret Rules of Career Success....

The Secret Rules of Career Success are not mystical or magical, but it seems that way because they totally reframe how you see your experiences and future.

When you learn the Secret Rules of Career Success for Hidden High Potentials, you:
  • Stop doing things that have no chance of working
  • Take work that fits and reject work that doesn’t
  • Spend more time in Flow and less time in therapy
  • Reassess your work relationships and see people in a brand new light
  • Know when to jump to that new opportunity and when to stay put
  • Identify which opportunities fit you
  • Stop blaming and start succeeding!
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