Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

Executive Coaching

One Size Does Not Fit All! Get the career mentoring that fits your path!

Personal Career Coaching lets you get one-on-one attention to see who you are. You see the Secret Rules as they apply to your life, rather than to general examples. Many people, myself included, feel apprehensive before starting a coaching relationship. I try to provide value within the first session, showing you how to apply some of the pertinent Secret Rules to your most pressing situation.

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Intended Results

The problem with most career advice is that it attempts to work for everyone. But one size does not fit all! Personal career coaching in the Secret Rules of Career Success shows you how the apply to your particular combination of work history, personality and potential.

You will get specific advice such as:
  • Who to network with (and who will waste your time)
  • Managing managers who are too small
  • Your own language of achievement
  • Which work language you live in
  • How to get your potential recognized
  • When going out on your own can succeed
  • When to leave your current position and how to handle it
  • Negotiating with particular people
  • Handling the changes to the rest of your life as you become who you are
  • and much more!
The goal of personal career coaching is to transform how you see yourself and your worklife so that you can bring all of your gifts to light. Work should be wonderful!

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How Personal Mentoring Happens

Personal mentoring starts when you decide to purchase a session or a package of sessions. Purchases are made through the Secret Rules store using either PayPal or Google Checkout. This allows me to take your payments from outside the United States.

Each session lasts 50 minutes and is delivered over the telephone or Skype (which also allows for video conferencing). You pick a time that works for you from my posted schedule. Because I work with people from across the globe, I am available throughout my day and night.

Before the initial session, I will call you and discuss you and your current situation.

Mentoring may involve the Human Patterns personality preferences profile or a measurement of your level of current potential. While not necessary, both offer more insight into who you are and how to best position yourself in work for success. Current clients receive a discount on both measurements.

Some people find that after the initial transformation of their worklives, they get value from periodically going through another session to discuss current work challenges in light of the Secret Rules. This is usually handled on a session by session basis.

Ready For More In Your Life?

If you're ready to leave behind doing work that doesn't fit, call me at +1 (219) 381-4025 or use the Contact page. I work with people from across the globe and can usually accommodate your timezone and schedule. Check my free/busy calendar (I am on Central/Chicago time) for available slots.

If you're ready to leave behind your defeatist thinking and grow into what

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