Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

Consulting to Organizations

Becoming an entrepreneur is often the best solution for hidden high potentials' problem of experience not matching capacity for work. Working with them becomes less about careers and more about management.

I bring the same insight and knowledge of the deep workings of human organization to startups. The Secret Rules were discovered in the context of managing work and still work great to help you manage well and make smart business decisions.

I also work with an extended network of consultants in northern Europe, across the U.S., the U.K., Australia and South Africa, so that you can get a solid reference to a forward-thinking consultant who understands the Secret Rules.

Nothing can guarantee you will succeed, but with the Secret Rules you avoid the pits that will ensure that you don't. This can be a competitive advantage in your business.

For more information, call me at +1 (219) 381-4025. (I love to return call immediately but if I am working with current clients at their site, it may take up to a business day to return your call.)

You can also contact me through my contact form.