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Why You Hate Your Church

Is this you?

  • You feel a personal faith but you have just become so disappointed in your church. Or any church.
  • You used to feel a strong sense of belonging in church, but now feel alienated just by showing up.
  • You feel like no one wants to talk with you, and indeed they really don't.
  • People at your church don't bother calling you for a party, but always call you when something goes wrong.
  • Your Christian friends assume that you have lost your faith in Christ when to you it feels like you lost your faith in the church, not God
  • After awhile, you've just gotten plain bitter about the whole "church thing".

As my buddy used to say, "I like Jesus fine; it's his fiancee I can't stand."

Throughout history, there have been people who have become disaffected with their faith communities. Some of the problems are common across time. But many of them are particular to here and now in North American Christianity.

There are reasons why this is happening. Knowing these reasons, and what you can and cannot change, will help you make better decisions to get the faith community that you crave.

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What You Will Learn

In the "Why You Hate Your Church" webinar, we will briefly cover the general psychological reasons that people can become disaffected before moving into the meat of the session:

  • Why you fit in before but find it hard today, even with the same people
  • How the mega-church model, for all its strengths, must shun certain types of people in order to work
  • Why you get called during crises but still get no respect
  • Solutions to getting back into belonging

What I'm not going to say is "you need to get over it". You may have to be the one who acts, but I'm going to be talking about how the very things that are successful in Christianity right now cause these problems.

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Who Should Attend

This webinar is intended for disaffected Evangelical Christians, usually those born between 1961 to 1978. I won't cover doctrine but the issues are primarily those of this group.

However, people from other denominations may find information that's of value. Catholics and mainline Christians can get much from this, because many of the problems of evangelical protestant churches have been adopted within their denominations.

Church leaders and those who minister to cranky parishioners will find value in learning how to better minister to them.

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Pay What You Want

This webinar is Pay What You Want.

I usually charge $79 for a webinar for business leaders. This seemed like the wrong thing to do for a church seminar. So this is "pay what you want": you decide what this will be worth to you.

If you are wondering what one of my talks is like, here's a sermon I did in late 2006 called "Redeeming Your Stories" (~5.5MB MP3). Sorry but the slides aren't available, and they aren't really necessary.

About Forrest Christian, the webinar leader

I've been a Christian all my life, and have had problems fitting in at different times. A few years ago, I began to investigate some startling findings in organizational fit. As I talked about them with the experts and on my own weblog, I started applying them to the church.

Recently, one of these experts from the UK asked to consider church organization in a more thorough way. As I examined the dominant ways that evangelical leaders are taught to organize their churches, I realized that these organizational rules show how their very success can marginalize thoughtful and spiritually-oriented Christians.

After seeing how many people who commented on my blog had these issues, and getting several requests for such a seminar, I decided to put this one together and offer it as a "Pay What You Want" webinar so that it would be accessible to everyone who wanted to attend.

Read more about my work with Hidden High Potentials

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How This Webinar Will Work

This webinar is given through Webex and requires a computer that can playback UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files.

Instructions on how to join the webinar will be sent to you after you register, including your PIN for this session.

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions. If the class is small enough, the questions will be open for everyone else to hear. Extremely large classes will have separate chat channels so that you can chat your questions to me.

Sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be provided online to participants two days after the session.

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Please check whether you have the players installed before purchasing this class. You will need to either be able to use the VoIP, accept an incoming Skype connection, or be able to telephone an American phone number.

Although it's helpful to already have been introduced to the ideas of the work levels, it is not necessary.

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