Secret Rules of Career SuccessLearn how work really works

Learn how work really works

Webinars & Teleclasses

Periodically, I offer web-based seminars or teleclasses in the Secret Rules of Career Success. These seminars give you a great opportunity to learn more at a low cost, and get some of the benefits of the "live & in-person" seminars without the travel costs. The topics vary but always focus on some area of the Secret Rules.

Intended Results

Each webinar or teleclass will have a list of what you get and what I'll be covering. This lets you pick the right one for you.


During the session, you will be able to ask questions. If the class is small enough, the questions will be open for everyone else to hear. Extremely large classes will have separate chat channels so that you can chat your questions to me.

Sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be provided online to participants two days after the session.

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