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Sample Profile Graph

Thumbnail of sample Human Patterns graph
This graph comes from my own Human Patterns profile. It talks about my personal preferences to the question "How do I believe I will achieve?" The graphs show how many standard deviations away from normal I am, either more so than normal or less so than normal. (If you don't remember what a standard deviation is, it's OK! That's what the interpretation is about.)

There are two sets of results: one when I am relaxed and one when I am stressed. On the left are my proactive responses. That means how I respond when I am relaxed, or how I would like to think I am. The right are my reactive responses, or what I am like under stress.

The big bar labeled Intuition shows how much more than others I rely on intuiting solutions to problems. That big bar for Intuition means that when relaxed and when under stress, I will believe that I achieve through gut instinct, if you will. My intuition tells me where to go to solve so that I can achieve. The bar is big: I am almost 3 standard deviations away from the norm on my preference. This means that it is a massive preference. Everyone around me can see that I do this. Not only that, but because it is higher than 2, I may need to compensate for it on my team.

I was amazed at what came out my Human Patterns. Even taking this opportunity to look at it again right now, as I'm writing this, I can see new things that I need to correct in my life. Not to change my personality or preferences, but to stop doing things that are unnatural for me.

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